Protective Industry Compliance Transparency Attestation


Protective Industry Compliance Transparency Attestation

Coming out of the International Protective Security Board‘s awesome CPC 2023 conference + several posts about compliance challenges in the protection industry. I wanted to offer an initial form (Protective Industry Compliance Transparency Attestation) for the industry service providers to use to promote transparency of compliance for executive protection, guarding, event security, etc. Likely works with other security services providers, but wanted to start here with the personal protective piece of the security industry.

My view is this is completed, signed, and maintained as changes are made. I think it should be a page on (the authenticated side of) your website https://<yoursecuritycompany.[tld]/compliance/ but at a minimum, available for potential and current clients, along with auditors, and regulatory agencies. Image a client requesting this from you or you adding it to a bid, proactively.

I will have mine published soon on my site.

I welcome suggested changes to strengthen (not weaken) the form to hopefully start to see it used across the industry as a “standard” and a differentiator and promote transparency. I am not naive to know this is an uphill climb to bring more transparency, but hey if every security company that reads this publishes their this week, that’s major progress.

As ASIS, IPSB, BEPP, SIA and others finalize/update their auditable standards, I will update it.

List of security companies with published attestations using the PICTA:

Ask McConnell, LLC – – Added and verified on 12/11/2023