Looking In The Mirror

Have you said / heard these?  If so, we believe we can help!!

  • Jim, I don’t talk about it a lot, but I am losing sleep, stressed about one or more parts of my security program
  • Jim, I have this new idea for improving our security program but don’t know where to start or how to manage it.
  • Jim, Can you just come out and walk our property and buildings, I think we are just blind to our own work
  • Do we need to address Insider Threat better?
  • Is our security metrics as mature I or my boss wants them?
  • Is our Physical Security program too standards based and less vulnerability based?
  • Our Supply Chain Security hasn’t gotten to more then contract terms
  • We believe we have a great security product / service but we just can’t seem to get a seat at the table with our market
  • We can’t crack the industry / government information sharing veil
  • Our Executive Protection Program is tactically awesome but program management isn’t happening
  • We doing some analytics, but seems like we are just collecting data
  • Have we lost our focus on information security for the sake of cyber security
  • Security ownership is just all over the place
  • The business won’t invite us to the table
  • Our training is not structured and seems like we are training without any ROI
  • Fraud isn’t seen as a security issue and doesn’t have a comprehensive plan
  • My church isn’t where we feel safe
  • My community group would like to learn more about security, safety, Go Bags
  • I have a event coming up but need a security leader as we don’t have the expertise
  • Our employees and contractors aren’t getting security awareness when we onboard them
  • Our security “Voice” to the business is all over the place
  • Too many standards and regulations, is there a way to simplify their implementation in my world
  • We haven’t had an independent kinetic aka physical security penetration test (in a long time), we need help
  • We are planning on some training, but we want/need some more realism using operationally experienced “actors”
  • Something else?  “Ask McConnell”