Client Stories

Client Stories from various implementations and interactions we have had recently

Whether a pain point, a stressor or that fresh idea you woke up to, here is a small sample of client stories and actual implementations our team managed or been involved in

Insider Threat

We have implemented analytics-based insider threat programs along with a 24×7 SOC dedicated to Insider Threat in a Fortune 25 Global Organization.

eCommerce support logistics / 3PL company with ~$5 Million in revenue was expanding to a second building and their security system was very old and didn’t scale. Ask McConnell’s team supported bids from integrators and provided technical and operational support for implementation of Small Medium Business (SMB) network and camera system that will scale and expand to other security controls in the future.

Mergers & Acquisitions / Divsestures

We Built, Matured, and Operated a M&A / Divestiture / Rebadge Security program involving over $30B in transactions over the last 10 years while at a Fortune 25 Global Organization and bringing in 8 Figures worth of expense and capital funding into the security organization.

Seat At The Table

Ask McConnell’s Principal Jim, provided Merger and Acquisition (M&A) support to multiple billion dollar transactions for over 10 years during his tenure at a Fortune 25 critical infrastructure organization. This provided significant capital and expense funding for security initiatives. 

For Vendors/Suppliers/Manufacturers, a security services company was having challenges with getting “in the door” with enterprise customers. The Ask McConnell team evaluated their literature and website suggestions for the senior leadership.  The client followed up with request for onsite training of their sales and marketing staff.

Supply Chain Security

While on the Board of Directors (BoD) of a non-profit, Jim provided contract and GIS support to prevent unneeded spending, fraud and make sure organization was focused on the right scope of activities.

Training Program Mgmt

An international university was looking for specific training for their staff and students on cyber crime.  Ask McConnell’s team worked with the team for scoping and delivered several hours of training with offers to return as needed.

Citizen fire / police academy alumni wanted to be better equipped for their families and as they provide services to the local police and fire departments during emergencies.  Jim provided onsite training and hands on experience for this team.

Physical Security Vulnerability Management

A six location Non-Government Organization (NGO) and Faith Based Organization, had security but wasn’t sure their program was up to best practices.  Ask McConnell’s Team visited their main location, did a simple tour and casual Q&A to find both operational, vulnerabilities, and regulatory challenges with their current converged security program and of course, provided some recommended solutions.

Executive Protection Program Management

While at a Global Fortune 25 company, our CSO built, operated, and matured an executive protection program office, a first of its kind, in addition to being one of the operators in the field.

Security Metrics

A $320+ Million client needed some specific metrics to consider for a particular area of their physical security.  We provided both a set of metrics to consider and also some additional scoping considerations.

Security Operations Center

We have implemented analytics-based insider threat programs along with a 24×7 SOC dedicated to Insider Threat in a Fortune 25 Global Organization.

Crisis Management

This client has >$100M in revenue, simply needed Level 3 and Level 4 security protection augmentation for a number of major events.  Ask McConnell’s team provided highly skilled licensed support for close protection and “halls & walls”. Ask McConnell has additionally provided advisory support for this client for over 20 years.

More to Come…..