Construction Project Security Inspection / Auditing

This is our unique service to the Construction Industry using the concept of a security project “auditor” / manager of your (and you Safety/Security Team) side that can 

  • inspect/audit your construction projects’ security elements….during construction.
  • provide feedback on status and any issues I see in the field
  • produce weekly reports / dashboards
  • attend individual project or general cross-project status calls/meetings and provide a readout

This maybe overkill, but say you have 10 projects, I visit each of them 2-3 times a month, maybe more often as project gets closer to finish:

  • inspect (from a security perspective)
  • collect photos
  • review against FWISD requirements
  • take notes
  • …and if I identify any new or unforeseen security issues (“hey that tree you just planted is blocking the camera”), denote those also.

Since usage of these services would cross projects, maybe there is a general project mgmt/quality control project code/funding source that could be used.

Obviously respecting your role/authority and your Safety/Security team role/authority, this would be to help you both with some “boots on the ground”-eye balls from a licensed, certified, security professional that can visit all your sites (more) regularly.  Obviously if you, your team or the Safety/Security team have other ideas, all ears.