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Security Program Support

We have supported and provided resources directly to over 350 churches around the world over the last 30 years. We have provided one-on-one, denomination-specific, multi-church support, including many years of supporting church security questions at one of the largest pastors’ conferences in the USA. Unlike other amazing experts (only a few I vouch for) in the church security realm, I cover a converged security set of domains.

We have also been blessed to be asked to start supporting cultural properties in the USA.

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Areas of Support

  • Training
    • Safety vs. Security – What’s in a Name? – Remote Option Available
    • Church Security 101 Class – Remote Option Available
    • Church Security 201 Class – Remote Option Available
    • Training across most converged security domains
    • Security, Safety, Medical Response Gear
    • Training on Balance of Trust
  • Exercises
    • Table Top Exercises
    • Field Exercises
    • Security “Secret Shopper”
  • Functional Support
    • Converged Security
    • M&A / Divestiture Security
    • (Fraud) Investigations
    • Executive Protection Program Management
    • Security Metrics
    • Crisis Response
  • Yes and even the infamous “Guns or No Guns” discussion