Information Security for Travelers

In no particular order:

1. Assume your electronic devices (and their subsequent data) will be taken at Customs and Border Patrol or other places, in certain countries – Take one-time use/burner / wiped phone, tablet, laptops and only take what you need to know

2. Assume your hotel and transportation environment has people recording you for human intelligence, espionage, or other information-gathering goals – Watch your volume and your topics

3. Assume where you sit in a restaurant, the table/booth beside you has a nefarious interest in what you are saying – Watch your volume and your topics

4. Assume photos you are taking will be copied, reviewed, and/or deleted

5. For SOME people the more they drink adult beverages the more they leak….information – Think Before You Speak If You Drink

6. That fancy computer watch is an easy target and imagine the information on it – Go to Walmart and get yourself a Snoopy or Mickey / Minnie Mouse Watch

7. If you can afford/arrange it, internal company conference rooms should have a TSCM sweep done by a vetted professional before your meetings

8. Assume that the USB charging port and Wifi connection is “drinking your data”

9. Helpful humans that you didn’t personally arrange for, are helpful and they might help themselves….to your stuff

10. Your safety/security is WAY more important than your information